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32M07 Heat Pump Thermostat

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Item Number: 32M0701
Lennox 32M0701 DLS-450LX
Heat Pump Thermostat; 32M07

HEAT / 1 COOL electronic heat pump thermostat with optional indoor and outdoor remote temperature sensors. − System powered. Requires HOT and COMMON from 24 volt transformer. − Easy−to−read vertical LCD that displays complete operation status. − Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius display. − Fan selector for continuous fan operation. − Maintains the last set point and mode of operation following power outages (no battery). − Day/Night button for user selectable alternate set point for manual setback. − Built−in anticipation and droop. Electronic circuitry replaces conventional mechanical anticipation. − 2 or 4 minute selectable minimum on/off times. − High temperature thermal cut−off switch. − Built−in short cycle protection. − 45−second fan−purge after cooling call. − Keypad lockout option. − Solid state electronic output. − Plenum fan switch. − Thermostat output using relays. − Low profile ABS plastic case with lockable access cover. − Optional Indoor and Outdoor Sensors are available − Heat pump models feature: selectable reversing valve outputs, auxiliary−heat light indicator, two user−defined lights and adjustable balance point outdoor temporary option. Specifications: − Automatic changeover − Remote clock terminals − Electrical Rating: 20 to 30 VAC − Ambient Temperature Range: 32 to 115°F (0 to 48°C) − Cooling Temperature Set point Range: 61 to 104°F (16 to 40°C) − Heating Temperature Setpoint Range: 41 to 86°F (5 to 30°C) − Minimum Heat/Cool Set point Differential: 2°F (1°C) − Dimensions: 4−1/2 H x 4 W x 7/8 D in. (114 x 102 x 22 mm)