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19W94 Ignition Conversion

19W94 Control Board
19W94 Control BoardLennox 19W94
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Item Number: LB-84495B
Manufacturer: Lennox
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Lennox 19W94 Ignition Conversion Kit,
LB84495B, 19W9401, Instructions w/kit

Replaces: 33J62, 33J6201, 65K07, 65K0701,
20J80, 20J8001, LB-84495A,  3MC4-01

33MC4-01MC4-01t so if the unit has already had the conversion completed, only the board will require replacement and the 17W82 can be ordered. 19W94 is used in the following Lennox units: 80MGF2(X)-45-1, 80MGF2(X)-45-2, 80MGF2(X)-45-3, 80MGF2(X)-45-4, 80MGF2(X)-45-6, 80MGF2(X)-45-7, 80MGF2(X)-45-8, 80MGF2(X)-45-9, 80MGF2(X)-45-10,80MGF2-60-1, 80MGF2-60-2, 80MGF2-60-3, 80MGF2-60-4, 80MGF2-60-6, 80MGF2-60-7, 8