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G 22:13-14
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10B67 Variable Speed Motor
List Price: $800.00
Your Price: $359.99
10B67 Variable Speed Motor
Lennox 10B67 Variable Speed Motor 3/4 & 1HP, 115/60/1, 610588-02
free shipping
12J18 TXV (R410)
List Price: $160.27
Your Price: $125.15
12J18 TXV (R410)
Lennox 12J1801 Expansion Valve TXV R410 w/Check Valve, 12J18 067U3414, TXV 1.5-2.5 Tons, Replaces: 49L24, 49L2401 104110-01
12M55 Combustion Air Blower Assembly
List Price: $1,034.10
Your Price: $377.45
12M55  Combustion Air Blower Assembly
Lennox 12M55 Combustion Air Blower Assembly, LB-62533CC, 12M5501 Replaces: 20L09, 20L0901, 42H00, 42H0001, LB-6253CB, LB-62533CA
13H14 Thermostat
List Price: $431.14
Your Price: $333.49
13H14 Thermostat
Lennox 13H14 ComfortSense 7500 Thermostat, Multi Stage Conventional or Heat Pump systems, CS7500, Universal Programmable Touch Screen
17W82 Ignition Control Kit
List Price: $634.80
Your Price: $321.00
17W82 Ignition Control Kit
Lennox 17W82 Ignition Control Kit (EGC-2) LB91097C, 17W8201 Replaces Lennox: 17L96, 17L9601, 28K62, 28K6201, 18K90, 18K9001, 73K79, 73K7901, 73K80, 73K8001
free shipping
19S83 Control Board
List Price: $259.78
Your Price: $164.95
19S83 Control Board
Lennox 19S83 BCC3 Control Board Kit, 621344-01 Replaces: 48K98, 45K48, 48K9801, 68H08, 65K29, 65K2901, LB-65126A, BCC2, LB-90089A
S30 Wifi Thermostat
19V30 Wi-Fi Thermostat
List Price: $1,322.50
Your Price: In Stock $695.90/5 Yr Warranty
19V30 Wi-Fi Thermostat
Lennox 19V30 iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat, Programmable Wi-Fi, Color Touchscreen, Communicates with Smart Hub. Replaces: 10F81 and 12U67 for easier install
free shipping
19V36 SureLight Replacement
List Price: $490.00
Your Price: $329.69
19V36 SureLight Replacement
Lennox 19V36 Ignition Control Kit Direct Replacement SureLight Control Replaces ALL Prior: Y7761, Y776101, 83M00, 83M0001, 30W25, 30W2501
free shipping
19W94 Control Board
19W94 Ignition Conversion
List Price: $740.00
Your Price: $383.45
19W94 Ignition Conversion
Lennox 19W94 Ignition Conversion Kit LB-84495B. Replaces: 33J62, 33J6201, 65K07, 65K0701,20J80, 20J8001, LB-84495A, LB-84495B
21708 Lennox - Blower Wheel
Your Price: $123.71
21708  Lennox - Blower Wheel
Lennox 21708 Blower Wheel; LB-29333BJ 1/2"BORE, 10-5/8" X 8"
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