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BGN891-1C Baso Ignition Control

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Item Number: Y474901

Ignition comes complete to make your 6 pin connection to your Furnace; Lennox Y4749

Lennox no longer makes this but the following company started to manufacture this product after it was no longer available as an OEM Part by Lennox:  BGN891-1C  Ignition Control From Baso (Non OEM) to replace ALL Lennox Pulse Furnace Ignition Controls (BGN891-2C) Replaces: Lennox 41F46, 41F4601, 72H68, 72H6801, 73K86, 73K8601, 86H30, 86H3001, 41F4601, 41F46, 99C97, 99C9701, 97H02, 97H0201, 52J18, 52J1801, 87F22, 87F2201, 52J8101, 34K83, 34K8301, 96C66, 96C6601, 72J18, 72J1801, 77C38, 77C3801, 60J00, 60J0001, GC3, GC-3